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How to Find a Lost Dragon Scale on "Pokemon Sapphire"

    Getting the Scale From Bagon

    • 1). Head southwest from Fallarbor Town in the Hoenn region to reach Meteor Falls along route 114. It's a large cave situated between routes 114 and 115.

    • 2). Enter the cave and then walk left over the bridge. Stand in front of the water and use the "Surf" ability. Go up to the waterfall then use the "Waterfall" ability to go up it.

    • 3). Enter the cave at the top. Walk right and go down to ladder. Walk left then go up and take the next ladder. Walk right -- past the old couple -- then go up the stairs. At the top, jump down the sand slopes but keep to the left. Don't jump down the last slope but go left and go down the ladder.

    • 4). Use "Surf" in front of the water then go up and enter the next cave at the top of the area. Inside use "Surf" again and go to the top of the area. You'll find yourself in a dead end that is 10 steps long and two steps wide. This is the only area in the entire game to find a Pokemon called Bagon.

    • 5). Walk around the small area until you randomly encounter Bagon. There is a small chance that it is holding the dragon scale that you are looking for. Capture it to get the item or use the move "Covet" to steal the item from Bagon.

    Getting the Scale From Horsea

    • 1). Travel route 132 or 133, which is to the left of Pacifidlog Town in the Hoenn region.

    • 2). Get out of the water when you see land then open your inventory and select your fishing rod. For a bigger chance at catching a Horsea use the Super Rod, which you can find in Mossdeep City.

    • 3). Battle the Horsea and capture it when you catch one with the rod. If it is holding a dragon scale you will get it. If you do not want to catch the Horsea use the "Covet" move on it to steal the item. Getting a Horsea holding a dragon scale is random so keep trying until you have it.

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