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Flaws of the Founding Fathers Show the Necessity of Modeling Biblical Principles of Civil Government

When attempting to sell an increasingly anti-Christian people on the superiority of a Christian culture, using the founding era of the United States as the example, you will inevitably be met with a list of the flaws in the system developed by America's founders.
These flaws, far from proving that a Christian culture is undesirable, prove that building a Christian culture is the only way to ensure liberty for all.
Each individual's pursuit of happiness requires a unique set of circumstances.
Therefore, it is only through freedom that a society can provide the circumstances necessary to meet the desires of the greatest number of its citizenry; it can never be said that a society can create the environment to ensure that all of her citizens can have their desires.
Since Constantine there have been many attempts to connect Christianity to the civil government of nations.
None of those attempts have applied Biblical precepts and principles to civil government perfectly, and that includes the attempt of America's founding fathers.
Because man's natural disposition is toward evil, as a result of the fall of man in the Garden of Eden, it is very difficult for even regenerate man to implement God's will perfectly in any area of life.
The failure of fallible man to create a perfect Christian state is further testimony of that fact.
Now the fact is that the American founding fathers understood the theology of civil government better than any man, or group of men, that had ever attempted to create a Christian culture.
And it is true that the American governmental institutions mirrored the Biblical formula for civil government better than any other attempt up to that time, and continuing to today.
Yet, these men, with their great understanding of Biblical principles of civil government, still built flaws into the system; flaws that violate the Biblical principles to which they were trying to be faithful.
To the extent that governments have operated by Biblical principles the people living under the authority of those governments have experienced the same measure of freedom, and thus the ability to achieve their desires.
It was the American government in the 18th and early 19th century that provided the most freedom for the greatest number of people.
That freedom was limited by two things.
One, the flaws in the system, and two, the evil within her citizenry.
The first needed to be remedied, the second is the reason that no culture can ever guarantee complete freedom to all of her citizens.
A Christian culture must limit freedom in relationship to evil, as defined by the infallible standard of God's word.
There is only one logical conclusion based on the inability of man to get God's infallible system right.
That is, that there is no possible way for man to develop a system through his own intellect that can come close to providing the righteous freedom necessary to allow men to create their own happiness.
It is the epitome of arrogance to think otherwise.

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