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How to Resize a Rubber Watch Strap

    • 1). Remove the buckle. Depress the spring bar with a spring bar tool. Push down slightly on the spring bar with the forked end of the spring bar tool. With the spring bar depressed, disconnect the spring bar from the buckle by pulling one side free with your hand.

    • 2). Cut the band to size. Use scissors to cut along the grooves along the spring bar conduits, being careful not to cut the spring bar conduit. Remove equal amounts from both ends. For bands that do not have a removable buckle, cut the end without a buckle only. In the case that there are not any grooves on the buckle, cut a straight line using a razor blade and a straight edge.

    • 3). Replace the buckle. Connect the buckle by placing it on the ends of the band. Align the holes of the spring bar with the band conduits, and insert the spring bar.

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