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How to Upload a Comic to iComic on Your iPod Touch

    • 1). Download the iComic application to your iPod Touch via the App Store application, if you have not done so already.

    • 2). Connect the iPod Touch to the computer using the appropriate USB cable.

    • 3). Open iTunes and sync your iPod Touch with iTunes. Click "Sync" within iTunes if the sync does not happen automatically.

    • 4). Select the iPod within iTune's sidebar and click the "Apps" tab.

    • 5). Scroll down to "File Sharing." Click the iComic app in the left-hand sidebar. Drag the comics to the file browser pane on the right-hand side. As you add comics, iTunes will automatically upload them to the iComic app on your iPod Touch.

    • 6). Disconnect the iPod Touch from the computer and tap the iComic app on the iPod's home screen to view your transferred comics.

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