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Make Money Online - AdSense Tips to Improve the Ads on Your Site

If you use AdSense, you will have seen AdSense ads on your site that are completely unrelated to any content you publish.
Irrelevant ads on your site are effectively wasted.
They are not targeted to your viewers and therefore get a much lower click through.
Ultimately, that means you are losing income online.
Although Google tries very hard to serve up meaningful, contextually correct ads, it is an algorithmic decision, not a human one.
This means that the ads are served according to complex criteria Google uses to measure what dominant keywords are on your site.
Here are a few ideas to help you optimise your pages and create a more AdSense friendly environment.
You cannot entirely control which ads Google AdSense places on your page, but you can tweak your pages to improve the kind of ads you will show on your website.
  1. Keep each page relevant and to the point.
    If you have too much information on your page about too many different topics, AdSense will not be able to correctly choose which keywords to focus upon.
    If you find you are getting a lot of public service announcements or completely unrelated ads, this may be the reason why.
    Sort out your content into pages of relevant information and provide links throughout your site.
    Focus each page on a group of relevant keywords.
  2. Heavy graphic sites have problems because they don't have enough text for AdSense to work out what the page is about.
    An art gallery, or graphics site has this problem, as the focus is on the art, not words.
    One thing a site like this could do, is to display text about each artist and their works on each page to help AdSense choose content.
    For other sites that don't have to be so graphic intensive, it is important to use a healthy amount of keyword enhanced text on each page.
  3. Remember to repeat your keywords throughout your page to improve the ads on your site.
    You should use them in your heading and then once every paragraph or two.
    Use similar keywords and phrases too to increase the opportunity for AdSense (and searching visitors) to find your page.
  4. Make sure you spell out words.
    Shortened words and acronyms rule our lives, but they don't rule the AdSense criteria selection.
    To prove this point, type common acronyms into a search engine, that are associated with your niche.
    You might be surprised at what they stand for besides the term you associate them with.
    Common Internet marketing acronyms include PPC, SEM, SEO, CPC, CTR.
    So when you use acronyms, make sure you use the full term equally as often.
    For example Pay-per-click (PPC).
  5. Do your research on keywords and ensure you are using ones that are commercially viable.
    If you are using a lot of specialised keywords or obscure keywords, then you will find that your website be showing broadcast messages that have no click value because your article has no commercial value.
    If you are writing on something obscure, then drop in a few brand names or generally related keywords to give AdSense something to with which to choose commercial viable ads to display on your site.
Follow these five tips to help make money online and improve the AdSense ads that display on your website.

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