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Windows User Assessment Tools

    • Microsoft has provided Windows users with various tools which you can use to assess the performance competencies, security and potential problems of a computer. These tools evaluate hardware and components of the computer, analyze the systems and generate reports regarding findings. They are free tools and you can refer to Microsoft's website to download, install and utilize these tools.

    MAP Toolkit

    • This tool comprises three main functionalities: Inventory, Compatibility Analysis and Readiness Reporting. MAP offers secure, agent-less and network-wide inventory which ranges from small business to large organizations. It gathers and manages system resources and device information from a single networked computer. MAP utilizes tools already existing in your operating system to conduct inventory and evaluation. MAP conducts a detailed analysis of hardware and device compatibility for transitions to Windows 7 and other Windows systems. The hardware evaluation examines the hardware and decides if the update to the systems is suitable. MAP also creates reports regarding both summary and detailed assessment for migration scenarios including the hardware and recommendations for migration to Windows systems and products.

    Windows System Assessment Tool

    • The WinSAT evaluates the performance capabilities of a computer. You can use WinSAT to conduct formal and particular assessment of a computer's hardware configuration, find out the base score for the computer and scores for components of the computer. Developers can utilize the information to develop software which can access the performance information of a computer to determine the optimal application settings. Users will be able to understand the performance of the computer and determine if applications run well on the computer using this tool.

    Windows Health Assessment Tool

    • The Microsoft IT Environment Health Assessment Tool was developed for administrators who need to evaluate the general health of their Active Directory and network infrastructure. The tool can recognize issues which cause your network environment to work incorrectly. This free tool scans your whole network and identifies potential vulnerabilities and issues, mostly when they associate to Active Directory. The scans are composed of a configuration of sites and Active Directory, file systems and configuration of DNS (Domain Name System) servers and email servers.

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