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An Introduction To Full Dentures -- Answers To Common Questions

When patients discover they need dentures, it can be a time of mixed feelings and many questions. What they feel like, how they will change your lifestyle, and what to do when you need a denture repair services are just some of them. Here are answers to some of the most common questions including what to do when you need to repair dentures.

What Are Overdentures?

If you already have existing implants or a few natural teeth that are still in good condition, your oral care professional will likely recommend overdentures. These sit over the remaining teeth in your mouth to replace missing teeth. This allows you to keep the ones that don't need repair. Dentures of this style will require the existing teeth to be prepared in order to hold the plate solidly.

The Installation Of Immediate Dentures

With this style of installation, a lab makes the plate ahead of time and forwards it back to your oral care professional. He or she will then remove all of your teeth and will immediately seat the plate into place. This has the added benefit of providing a great looking smile the entire time, but they will need adjustments and relining by the denturist in order to fit properly.

What Do Plates Feel Like? Will You Need To Change Your Lifestyle?

For the first while, it will feel funny having them in your mouth. You will need to learn how to speak more slowly and may even have to practice saying certain syllables. Many patients find that the plates slip out of place on occasion, particularly when they eat. To solve this, chew using both sides of your mouth equally. If they do happen to shift in your mouth, bite down on the plate and swallow.

If A Tooth Falls Out, Can You Super-Glue It?

Any time you have a loose or missing tooth, you should never repair dentures on your own. Super glue and other adhesive products contain chemicals that can ruin the material. In this case, you will have to get a new plate made. Always have a denture repair service fix missing or damaged teeth.

The Plate Broke In Half Or A Piece Broke Off, Now What?

A denture repair service can fix many different types of breaks, so don't write your plates off without talking to an expert. Put the pieces into water immediately to prevent them from changing their shape and contact a professional. When you talk to the repair professional, find out how long it takes them to repair dentures [] and how much the overall cost will be.

Wearing plates is different from having your natural teeth, but it doesn't have to be a nightmare. Even if they break, new technologies and talented experts can repair dentures and address any issues or concerns you may have. If you need a denture repair service, you can have damaged plates fixed and back in your mouth in a matter of days.

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