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How to Beat the Fantastic Contraption Big Ball

    Race the Big Ball

    • 1). Create a solid wood rod extending horizontally from the middle of the pink rectangle across the width of the work space.

    • 2). Place six purple counterclockwise wheels in a row along the top of the solid wood rod. Position each wheel as close as possible to the rod and its neighbor.

    • 3). Use five water rods to connect the six counterclockwise wheels together.

    • 4). Place six yellow clockwise wheels in a row beneath the solid wood rod. Arrange them close to the rod and each other.

    • 5). Use five water rods to connect the six yellow wheels.

    • 6). Press the "Start" button. The wheels will spin and extend the pink rectangle forward on the wood log, just barely beating the big ball to the goal.

    Lift the Big Ball

    • 1). Place two purple wheels along the right edge of the workshop, one above the pink rectangle and one below it. The lower wheel should be as close to the rectangle as possible.

    • 2). Use a blue water rod to connect each purple wheel to the rightmost part of the pink rectangle.

    • 3). Place three yellow wheels along the bottom of the workshop. One should be directly below the center of the pink rectangle, and the other two should be placed at equal intervals on the bottom.

    • 4). Use a water rod to connect each of the yellow wheels to the leftmost portion of the pink rectangle.

    • 5). Use water rods to connect the leftmost yellow wheel to each of the purple wheels and the yellow wheel that is next to it. Use a water rod to connect the middle yellow wheel to the rightmost yellow wheel.

    • 6). Press the "Start" button. The big ball will fall into the goal, but when the contraption reaches it, the purple wheels will lift the ball up, allowing the contraption to go under it and enter the goal.

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