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Get In The Business Of Getting Into Business

You Can Help Others Out Of Their Dead-End Jobs

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

I think every family should have some sort of entrepreneurial venture going these days, especially during the Greatest Depression that's coming to America (and the wider world). Experts say the global economy is going to get much worse before it gets better, and eventually (years or even generations from now) they will be small business owners who lead us out of the new dark ages of socialism and back to free-market opportunity and prosperity.

Perhaps the greatest development in the history of entrepreneurship is the internet. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can get yourself into a lucrative business even if you also keep your day job. Any business requires an investment of a TEAM of resources: your Time, Energy, Attention, and Money... but you can get into a home-based internet business for a fraction of the TEAM your granddad needed to start his machine shop. You can even outsource the tough stuff, like cold-calling, all on the internet.

People are making excellent incomes online these days, and enjoying the lifestyle of freedom and prosperity that comes with internet business ownership. Perhaps the greatest opportunity is in recruiting - inspiring others to start their own home businesses, and coaching them to success in their enterprises. If you don't have a Big Idea for an internet business that no one's thought of before, you can join any number of legitimate, lucrative, ready-made platforms for your own business.

Typically, when you recruit someone else into your opportunity, you make a commission that's usually around half of what they pay to join the platform. This varies, but that's not a bad average. The key, then, is to be able to provide a wide range of entry-points for would-be entrepreneurs. The businesses I represent, for instance, range in entry-point investment levels from two figures to five. That means I (and others on my team) are not locked into a low-ball system that requires us to sell tons of "systems" to make $50 commissions. One top-tier sale can be a good month's income.

You have to make sure, though, that the business platform you choose is legitimate, positioned in a hot in-demand market, and provides excellent "on-boarding" in terms of coaching you to success. Do your research before you invest in anything. And make sure your business matches your strengths. Some of my team members don't do any recruiting or sales at all, but prefer to make their cash-flow on the wealth-building strategies and investments my company teaches them.

Don't wait for the crash to happen "to" you. Start your own business venture. When the toughest times arrive, you'll be in a position not only to be free of reliance on "the system," but also to help others who will need to rely upon you. And if you have a gift for recruiting, you can help countless others into the same preferable position.

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