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Breast Growth Myths

    Bras Cause Cancer

    • Wearing a bra is mythically supposed to lock in breast growth and cause cancer. Breasts will grow with or without a bra, and wearing a bra that fits properly is likely to give support for circulating blood and lymph.

    Stretch Marks

    • Another myth is that if a girl gets stretch marks due to her breasts growing they'll never fade away. Stretch marks are tears in the deeper layers of the skin, and with time they knit together and fade till they're not noticeable.


    • There's another myth that claims women's breast stop growing when the woman reaches her full height. A woman stops getting taller a few years after her first period, but her breasts can grow well into her 20s.

    Training Bras

    • Training bras are supposed to "teach" breasts how to grow. A training bra gives support and helps blood circulation, but breasts will grow on their own with or without one.

    Sleeping Position

    • There's a common myth that says girls who sleep on their side will develop uneven breasts. A woman's breasts are not affected by her sleeping position, and indeed she likely moves while she sleeps to keep up blood flow to her breasts.

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