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There are many articles and tutorials out there on how to boost the traffic to your blog, so I don't want to write another one.
The purpose of this tutorial is to bring serious members to your blog.
Now what do I mean by serious members? Let me explain.
What good is having a boost of traffic coming to your blog if you never see them? How do you know if they are reading your content or finding it useful? What I mean by "serious members" are people that will read your content, post comments, send you emails, etc.
People that are active with your site.
Very rarely do you get that from a topsite or random link.
Blog Networks First off, Im not talking about topsites.
There are tons of topsites like "Top 100 Bloggers", etc.
Unless you have a great deal of people already voting for your site, your not going to get high enough on the list to bring in traffic.
Also, belonging to a bunch of topsites can be annoying.
You have to have a separate account for each topsite and you have to have button of link to that topsite on your site.
Having a lot of buttons can be extremely tacky and can make your blog look very amaturish.
What I suggest is to join blog networks.
There are multiple blog networks out there.
What blog networks are, are sites that allow you to submit you blog, be accepted, then communicate with the other bloggers in that network.
For example, if you join a blog network about technology, then you will talk to other tech bloggers, visit their sites, comment on their sites, etc.
Then they will do the same.
You will develop friends that will regularly visit your site.
Thus getting "Serious Members".
I am currently a member of the BlueFish Network, Random Shapes, and NCBlogs.
There is also another very popular network, 9rules.
Be A Serious Member To Other Blogs If you develop friendships with the writers of your favorite blogs, then they will in turn remember you for giving them a lot of feedback, and they will come to your site.
For example, I am I frequent reader of a handful of people's blogs.
To name a few, JohnTP, Paul Stamatiou, Jeremie Dot US, etc.
All of them have commented on this blog and given me feedback, just as I have them.
Another example is that both JohnTP and Jeremie Dot US have linked back to my site in either a section of their blog or in another post.
This is also generating serious members because the readers of those blogs will trust them and come to my blog thinking that I must be good because they have referred them to me.
So I hope that you have enjoyed this article and will go out and use my tips to build a better blog with discussions.

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