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The Truth of Genesis: The Sad Truth of Christianity and Judaism – The Final-End

This is the second half of the last chapter of seven of this series, which addresses what I believe are problems with Christianity and Judaism. 


Haven't you heard of the "creation/evolution controversy"?  It has been resolved, but the Clergy in America refuses to allow the truth of Genesis to be distributed among the laity.  They would rather teach false and/or ridiculous doctrine, if they teach anything at all.  There are over 2,050 theological "cemeteries", led by the Dallas Theological Seminary, that have refused to allow the "Observations of Moses" to be shown to their students, which prove the scriptures to be literally and historically correct.  But they would rather teach that Genesis is a myth.  Yes, I saw it on U-tube.  However, I am guessing that there will be a high price to pay come Judgment Day, for those who "stood in the way of sinners", and kept the people from hearing and seeing the truth of scripture. 


It is such a joy to learn the truth of God's Word, and to cast off the false traditions of mankind.  I strongly urge everyone to learn the seven moadim (feasts) of Yehovah that He required Israel to keep.  By knowing the background of these, you can better understand how Yeshua fulfilled the four Spring moadim during His 490 day ministry, and how He interpreted the three Autumn moadim that shall be fulfilled during His next two advents.   I suggest that you obtain "the Chronological Gospels", by Michael Rood.  It will open your eyes to "what, when, and why" Yeshua did things during His seventy week ministry, and fulfilled each of the Spring feasts at the exact appointed (required) time.


Still today, even the hypocrites that call themselves "Karaites" refuse to accept the Messiah as prophesied by Daniel, and the miraculous births of Miriam, Aaron and Moses.  Levi was born in 2072 BC, and died in 1935 BC, after being in slavery for sixty-three years.  So the latest that Jochebed could had been born was 1934 BC, if Levi died before her birth.  She may have outlived one to three husbands, before marrying Amram, and finally giving birth to Miriam, Aaron, and then Moses (Numbers 26:59). 


I'm guessing that Miriam was at least nine years old when she followed baby Moses down the river, so Jochebed had to be at least 247 years old when Miriam was born in 1687 BC.  Aaron was born in 1681 BC, being three years older than Moses, and Moses was born in 1678 BC, since he was 80 years old in 1598 BC, the year of the Exodus.  It would not surprise me if an angel visited Jochebed, and told her that she would not "age" until she gave birth to "a deliverer" of her people…, and Moses refused to write about it, being that he was the fourth generation to come out of Egypt (Genesis 15:16) after 430 years.  Then again, maybe evil translators took it out.  They changed Psalms 110.  It originally conveyed "Yehovah said unto Yehovah".


In 457 BC, the decree to restore Jerusalem and the Temple was given on the first day on the month of the Aviv (Ezra 7:6-28).  Sixty-two sevens (weeks) and seven sevens later (483 years, there is no year zero), on the first morning after the renewed Moon the previous sunset, being the first month of the new year, John the Baptist saw Jesus returning to the Jordan river after fasting forty days in the wilderness.  It is then that John said "Behold the Lamb of God, that taketh away the sins of the world", on Saturday, March 29, 27 AD.  This was the first appearance of the Messiah.


Daniel prophesied of this (Dan. 9:24-27).  The weeks in verse twenty-four were specific or literal weeks because after sixty-two weeks and four days, Yeshua was crucified.  There was an Adar Bet (Adar II) that year, because the barley was not yet "aviv", so Yeshua was crucified on Wednesday April 28, 28 AD, 439 days after coming out of the wilderness.  The hypocrites of Judaism will say that they embrace all of the wrings of "Moses and the prophets", but they purposely ignore where it is written in them about Yeshua, and foolishly are stillwaiting for the Messiah to make His FIRST appearance.


Speaking of false traditions, did you know that the real Mt. Sinai was found more than thirty years ago by a man named Ron Wyatt?  There are those that will try to discredit him, but I consider them (jealous) liars.  The markings of Egyptian cows are still there, the split rock which millions of gallons of water flowed out of is there, the blackened (burnt) top of the mountain is there, and Saudi Arabia has put a fence around the area to keep people out.  It proves that the God of Israel is real, and the historical events as described in the book of Exodus actually took place.


Ron Wyatt also found the Arc of the Covenant in January 1982, which still had the dried blood of Yeshua on it.  He also found the site of Noah's Ark in 1977, but it was officially announced on June 21, 1987.  Has the Clergy made these announcements to their laity?  Have they hidden the news because the one that discovered these sites was not of their "denomination"?  Does jealousy play a big part in this? 


The one other "discovery" made by Ron Wyatt is the (proposed) site of the Red Sea crossing by Israel in 1598 BC.  Yes, there is an underwater land bridge, and hundreds of coral covered Egyptian chariots.  But that crossing site (Gulf of Aqaba) is only eight miles long, and too short to have both Israel and the army of Pharaoh in the sea at the same time.  Also, Pharaoh had tens of thousands of chariots in the pursuit of Israel, which were lost in the sea.  I say that the crossing was over 100 miles further south, being the main body of the Red Sea.


Another area of declined (mainstream) Christianity is the failure to proclaim the importance of remission of sins, and striving toward the state of holiness.  A main fiasco is the invention of "the sinner's prayer", and "asking Jesus into your heart".  None of these are biblical, and are of no help to sinners trying to obtain salvation.  It is safe to say that those traditions were created by sinners, professing to be Christians, who never had salvation themselves.


The first sermon preached by the church to sinners was on June 20th 28 AD, and is still applicable today as it was then.  To be saved from sin, everyone must repent of their sins, be water immersed in the name of the Lord Jesus (Yeshua), in order to obtain remission of sins (Acts 2:38).  This is the "birth of the water" (John 3:5).  A person must also receive the Holy Ghost (of Yeshua), evidenced by the spirit "speaking in other tongues".  The best example of a sinner obtaining salvation in the Bible I believe is Acts 19:1 – 6.  Everything else is false doctrine, which includes the false teaching that (Christian) gentiles have replaced Israel in the renewed covenant.  Salvation was first to the Jews, and then the gentiles were grafted in.


Let us not forget to again point out that the Jews as a whole have ignored the fact that the death penalty had to be paid.  Saying that "Yeshua was not the Messiah" requires a lot of foolishness and ignorance.  Do the Jews expect the Messiah to pay the death penalty for them when He comes, if Yeshua was not the Messiah?  For the most part, the Jews are blind, and in denial.  Yet there are many Jews that know the truth, and have obtained salvation through their King.  But the rest won't learn the truth until Yeshua returns during the first battle of Armageddon. 


In closing, two things.  First, the only "god" that has ever existed, and will ever exist, is Yeshua   (formerly only known as Yehovah), and Yeshua is His own Prophet.  Second, be advised that July 26th (2015) is coming upon us.  It concerns the Temple in Jerusalem, and the beginning of the End of Days.


Herman Cummings


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