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Why Investing in a More Expensive iPhone Case Makes Sense

The difference between an iPhone case that costs $10 and one that costs you $50 or more is that the expensive case has had a significant amount of time and energy invested into its design and material selection by the manufacturer to ensure that it will withstand the most destructive of everyday environments.
Whilst no manufacturer will guarantee that your iPhone will never get damaged whilst installed in their case you have a much better survival rate in the better designed, more expensive cases than you do in the cheaper ones.
The Protection is Designed In High-end iPhone case designers such as Case-mate and Otterbox spend considerable sums of money designing, building and testing their cases to ensure they are the best at what they do; protecting your iPhone.
You do not get this in the mass produced cheap cases that are available in large quantities on the internet.
The better cases will be constructed using high grade materials such as silicone and high strength plastics.
Typically, the cheaper cases are made of a more brittle plastic that is likely to crack and break on impact, exposing your iPhone to the very destructive forces that the case is supposed to be absorbing! Invest in Quality Protection For Your iPhone You have invested a large sum of your hard earned money to buy your iPhone, don't cut corners now by saving a few extra dollars to get a case that might look good but is ultimately of very little protective value to your phone.
This is particularly true if your lifestyle is predominately outdoors or you enjoy an active lifestyle where the chances of damaging your iPhone are far greater.
The iPhone is the wonder of our age but it does need you to look after it; the best and most cost effective way is to spend a few dollars buying a properly designed, tested and constructed protective case.

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