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Get Unstuck By Finding Your Purpose

Have you been asking yourself, "What am I here for?" all of your life - or at least a good portion of it? I was meeting with a coaching client the other day and she said, "I am 58 years old and I still don't know what my purpose is.
" I understand that.
I also understand that at sometime or another almost all of us will wonder what life is all about and what our own purpose is.
That is part of being human.
There are lots of books, articles, speeches, etc.
telling you how to find your purpose but it still seems elusive.
I suspect that most of us really know deep in our hearts what our purpose is but we have trouble digging it out.
I am use to helping coaching clients walk down the Logical Levels studied in Neuro-linguistic Programming to begin to understand what their purpose is.
Give this a shot and see how it works for you.
  1. Start with something you really love to do - something you are passionate about.
  2. Look at the environmental level and ask yourself, "Where do I do this? When do I do it? With whom do I do it?
  3. Now look at the behavioral level and answer the question, "What, specifically is it that I do?" Answer this in terms of your behavior.
  4. Next look at the capabilities level and answer the questions, "How do I do it?" Answer this question with the skills and knowledge you use when you are doing it.
  5. Now we get to the beliefs and values level.
    Ask yourself, "Why do I do it?" Your answer here should relate things that are true and important to you when doing it.
  6. We are now at the identity level.
    Now ask yourself, "Who am I when I am doing it?" Answer this question by telling what your sense is of your role when you are doing it.
  7. Finally we are at the purpose level.
    Ask yourself, "What do I do it for?" This will tell you how you connect to something bigger than yourself in doing what you do.
By going through this process you will get a purpose answer for what you selected at the beginning.
Doing this on the larger issues in life will really give you a sense of your purpose.
When you use several examples and begin to see similarities and trends you will know that you have discovered what you have been looking for.

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