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How to Check Battery Cables for Corrosion and Tightness in a Chrysler Town & Country

    • 1). Remove all metal jewelry, such as rings or bracelets, that may cause a spark. It is also a good idea to wear protective goggles over your eyes and rubber gloves. Also, make sure the engine is off before you check the battery cables on your Chrysler Town & Country.

    • 2). Open the hood, and locate the battery. It is on the right-hand side of the engine compartment in the Chrysler Town & Country.

    • 3). Look at the terminals that connect the battery cables to the battery. Check the Chrysler's battery for a white powdery substance near the terminals. This is an indication of acid leakage and corrosion.

    • 4). Check the battery cables to see if they are loose. Grasp the terminals and try to move or jiggle them. If there is any movement, you should tighten the cables by grasping the ports with a wrench and turning them slowly to the right. Loose cables are usually the cause of acid leakage that leads to corrosion.

    • 5). Test the battery cables of your Chrysler for corrosion by disconnecting them from the battery and bending them slightly. If there is a crunching sensation as they move, this could be an indication of corrosion.

    • 6). Slice a vertical cut in the plastic surrounding the battery cables with a sharp knife or razor. Look inside the plastic covering for white powder or a green tint to the copper wires. These are both signs of corrosion inside the battery cables.

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