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How to Remove Cranberry Juice From Carpet

    • 1). Fill a plastic bowl with 2 cups of cold water. Add 1 tbsp. of mild liquid dish soap to the water. Thoroughly mix the solution.

    • 2). Soak a soft, white cloth in the solution. Gently blot the cranberry juice with the cloth to lift it from the carpet. Blot until the juice is completely absorbed.

    • 3). Rinse out the cloth to prevent reapplying cranberry juice to the carpet. Continue blotting the remaining stain with the solution until red juice no longer transfers onto the cloth.

    • 4). Inspect the carpet for remaining red stains. If stains remain, mix 1 tbsp. of household ammonia with 2 cups of warm water in another plastic bowl.

    • 5). Put on latex gloves to protect yourself from the ammonia. Dampen another white cloth in the ammonia solution.

    • 6). Blot the stained carpet with the damp cloth until the red stain is completely removed.

    • 7). Dampen a clean white cloth with cold water. Blot the carpet with the damp cloth to rinse out the solutions.

    • 8). Blot the wet carpet with a clean terry cloth towel or paper towels.

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