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What Is Commitment?

What is Commitment?

So, what is commitment anyway? Most people have heard the word, and almost everyone has been "committed" to something, but what does it mean?

Generally, I'll commit to something, only to find it doesn't work. So then I ask myself €Why aren't things working out?€ Things don't work out the way we want because we are not taking commitment seriously!

So What is commitment?

This is the definition for "commitment":

A Pledge or Promise; an Obligation

Unfortunately, those three words are thrown around like they are nothing.

Like New Years Resolutions. I actually never make New years resolutions, because I know less than 1% of people follow through with their resolutions. Instead, when I want something, I start that day in my journey to accomplish that goal.

What is commitment -

It's more than just a promise, at least, it is at the level of what a promise SHOULD be.

I've posted a video on a previous post, talking about a young man that wanted more than anything to be successful. He went to talk to a successful guru in the video.

"Follow me out into the water" the Guru says. Because the young man wanted to be successful, he listened!

Long story short, the Guru takes the young man out into the water, and shoves his head under the water for about a minute or two. When the Guru lifts him up out of the water he says €When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you will become successful€.

It's a very powerful message, because it applies to what commitment really is. Like the commitment to breathing. This is one of the ways to answer your question "what is commitment?" -

So what is commitment? Commitment is an undying promise to yourself. It's something that cannot be explained well, it can only be felt, and done.

One way to know what commitment feels like is to get stuck under water, and find out how badly you want to breathe when you aren't able to. I don't recommend doing that though.

How badly do you want to breathe?

You can also look at some examples of super-human occurrences, like a 75 year old grandma hopping over five 8-foot tall fences in order to get to her granddaughter in emergency situations.

You can also observe amazing feats of strength like a regular woman lifting a car off of someone she loves.

part of commitment is bringing out the super-human inside of you. In reality, we are all made of super-human. Many of us simply have not brought our true potential out.

When you are truly committed to something, there is NOTHING that can stop you. for example. Nothing can stop a grandma from saving her grandchild. Nothing can stop a woman from saving her loved one from under a car.

Success isn't just about money. It's about everything in life. It's accomplishing your goals. Accomplishing what you desire most in life.

It's about being a better husband, a better dad.

It's about staying the course, and finishing what you set out to accomplish.

Commitment is a way of life. Its all about being uncomfortable.

Commitment is wanting something as bad as you want to breathe.

If you REALLY want to breathe, you will get some air. If you REALLY are Honestly committed to something you will accomplish your goal. No excuses.

Commit yourself today to making a better life for you and your family.

Now we know the answer to €what is commitment?€

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