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Quail Art Project

    Quail Paintings with Added Feathers

    • Help the children paint different types of pictures featuring quails. They can paint one large quail or a family of quails in the forest. Buy small brown and gray craft feathers at the craft store and show the kids how to glue these on their quail paintings after the paint has dried. They can also glue feathers around the border as added decoration. This additional embellishment just enhances the experience.

    Bird Picture Scrapbook

    • Encourage the kids to make a bird picture scrapbook featuring several photos of quails. Place a few pieces of card stock together and use a hole punch to make three holes on the left hand side of the pages. Tie yarn through each hole to hold the book together. Give the kids stickers, crayons and pictures of quails and other birds to feature in their book. They can also cut out pictures from bird magazines and draw some of the pictures as well. The kids might want to make pages about quail habitats and write about what baby quails eat.

    Clay Quails

    • Give the children moldable clay to create a family of quails. Show the kids how to mold a round piece for the bird's head and a larger round ball for the body. The kids can then add a beak and other features like legs. While the clay is still malleable, help the kids place feathers sticking up on the quail's body. Many quail have a feather that bobs around atop their heads, so make sure to add a fun feather on top. Let the clay creations dry and then help the kids paint the quails with brown and gray paint. Show the kids how to use a paint brush to paint around feathers.

    Paper Plate Quails

    • Use paper plates to fashion round quails. Paint the paper plates brown and cut out the legs, head and other features from construction paper. Glue the legs and head on and glue on a beak and plastic eyeballs. Lastly, help the kids glue feathers on the back and front of the plate to complete the craft.

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