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Weather Extremes of the West - Book Review Rating

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Title: Weather Extremes of the West

Author: Tye W. Parzybok

Publisher: 2005, Mountain Press Publishing, Missoula, Montana

ISBN: 0-87842-473-3


Weather Extremes of the West is a complex, yet easy to read text on the often crazy weather patterns in the western portions of the United States. With brief introductions to some basic weather concepts, this book delves deeply into the how and why of storm systems.


This 280 page book includes a full table of contents, bibliography, glossary, and index. 13 separate climate regions in the Western US are covered in depth.



  1. There are literally hundreds of focused images throughout the book. The images are accompanied by full explanations of the weather phenomenon shown and often include relevant diagrams, charts, and lists.
  2. This book would work as an excellent introductory meteorology course textbook. Students in a college setting in the western portions of the US could get their information in context and use the text as a reference for later coursework.


  1. One of the only downfalls to this book is the fact that the layout may scare aware the casual reader. A person looking for a quick read would find this book a bit of information overload. However, this also works as a Pro for those looking for in-depth weather coverage.

Overall Impressions

Tye Parzybok is a true weather fanatic. With passion and a creative voice, Weather Extremes of the West is an easy read, but captures the depth and breadth of storm systems in the West.

Readers in the East would also find this book useful although the content focuses on the western US because of the details he uses in explaining how storm systems work.

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