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Choosing the Best Children"s Bikes For Your Child Doesn"t Have to Be Difficult

Children develop at different stages and can be ready to ride children's bikes anytime between the age of 18 months and older.
Choosing a bicycle for those kids who are old enough to ride without training wheels can be difficult.
As a parent, you can't just buy any children's bikes for them.
Instead you need to take certain things into consideration first.
The most important thing that needs to be considered is that you buy the right size bike for your child.
But if you happen to be someone that hasn't had to buy a bike before, how can you tell which is the right size one for your child? In this article we offer some advice that you may find helpful as well as look at the sorts of children's bikes that are worth considering buying for your child.
When you are trying to find the right size bike for your child don't select one based on your child's age but on how tall they are.
Just because your child is 7 years old they may be a little bit taller than what is considered average for a child of this age.
So instead of buying them a bike suitable for children aged between 5 and 7 choose one that is suitable for children between the ages of 7 and 9.
Another thing that you as a parent must be looking at when buying a bike is the size of the wheels that have been fitted on it.
The shape of your child's body can affect the size of bike that you then buy for them.
For a child with long legs make sure that you opt for a bike that comes with wheels that are of a large diameter.
These are rough guidelines to help you choose the right size bike for your child.
The best way to make sure that you get the right one is to actually let them try several different ones out.
Look for a bike that allows them to place their feet squarely on the floor while they remain sitting in the seat.
Then when you know what size is best for them you can now move on to the style of bike that they want to have.
If you have a child who is looking to use their bike over various different types of ground then purchasing them a good quality mountain bike should be considered.
When it comes to buying such a bike look for one that has plenty of gears to help them move up hills more smoothly.
Plus look for one that has a good suspension system fitted so that it provides some comfort to them when they travel over any ground that is rough.
However if your child is one that wants to do tricks on it or just ride it around the local bike park then a BMX should be considered.
These are very basic children's bikes and are not fitted with brakes or any type of suspension but are easy to maneuver because they are very light.

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