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Progression in Wedding Photography

Reportage Wedding Photography sometimes known as Candid is currently a very popular style of wedding photography.
It's been popular for some time, although many people may still think of it as a new style.
Initially it wasn't well received by all Photographers as many weren't happy as it broke the tradition of the posed Photograph.
In the early days of Wedding photography the photographer would have a big camera that had to be set up in a fixed position.
This obviously didn't allow for what's now known as reportage or candid photography and all the pictures were time consuming arranged, posed photographs.
This meant all the pictures were very formal.
As through the years cameras have got smaller, lighter and faster the style of Photography has been able to advance with the technology.
Suddenly all the Photographs didn't need to be posed, the Wedding Photographer could move amongst the guests with their camera, taking photographs as the opportunities arose.
This also meant that the Photographer could capture images of people without them knowing and without them having to pose, that's where the reportage style of photography was born.
Of course both the photography equipment and styles have continued to evolve in recent years.
Photo journalistic is another style becoming increasingly popular.
This can give a result more like the Photographs you would expect to find in a magazine.
Also the use of black and white photography is extremely fashionable at the moment and can be used for creating some wonderfully dramatic shots.
Going slightly further than the black and white photographs, some photographers are actually asked to add a slight graininess to the pictures to give them the atmosphere of a much older photograph.
The final and probably most important task of the Wedding photographer is the Wedding album.
These days Wedding albums are far more diverse than they used to be, all the Photographs used to be very uniform posed shots.
Now a wedding album tends to have a mixture of all the currently popular wedding photography styles.
There is still a place for the traditional posed photographs outside the wedding venue but they are far from the only pictures.
With the addition of the reportage photography style the bride and groom are left with an album that is paints a story of their happy day helping to keep the memories fresh for years to come.

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