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How to Cut the Bangs on a Yorkie

    Wash, Trim and Comb

    • 1). Place the Yorkshire terrier securely, but not too tightly, onto a grooming table. This will keep the Yorkie in place and prevent uneven cuts. If a grooming table is not available, wrapping the Yorkie in a clean towel is also an option. Before cutting the hair, use a comb or brush to remove tangles, and brush the hair so that it is straight, laying on the palm of your hand to gage how much of the bangs should be cut.

    • 2). Use trimming scissors or shears to cut a backwards "V" in the bangs to accomplish a puppy-cut, which will allow the longer bangs to fall gently over the sides of the muzzle with the shorter bangs hanging slightly above the eyes. A straight-across cut is also used to prevent the longer bangs from dropping into water bowls and food dishes.

    • 3). If the bangs have tangles or mats that cannot be removed by brushing, clip the bangs just behind the tangle, so that the hair falls free. Using the backwards "V" cut or straight-across cut, trim the bang hair so that it does not have uneven gaps. Mini-trimming shears can also be used to shape bangs to the owner's preference.

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