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Policy for Harassment in Law Enforcement


    • Police officers have certain rights as do you. It is their job to ask questions and to investigate crime. Therefore, they can stop you for any of these reasons. Remember these issues before considering the officers actions to be harassment or reporting them.


    • In the event you are harassed, remember your Miranda Rights and say as little as possible. You can inquire as to either the nature of the crime you're being questioned about or if you are being arrested. These inquiries can help you to ascertain the validity of the officer's actions and/or your legal status. Never fight the police or return harassing comments. This will undoubtedly worsen your situation. Always get a badge number when possible.

    Internal Affairs and Hospitals

    • Police departments have internal affairs (IA) divisions to monitor the behavior of their members. If you are convinced you have been harassed, you have every right to contact them. If you have been violently handled by a policeman and go to the hospital, their staff must inform the police of the assault by law. If it is established that an officer performed the assault, the proper IA division will be notified.

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