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Click-Money - How to Turn Your Camera Into a Cash Machine

Imagine you taking a picture.
Can you do that now? In your mind? Could be of anything you can think of.
Now imagine that after taking that picture and getting that image on to your home computer, you uploaded it to a photographic website.
Good, now imagine every month, that photograph made you a couple of extra hundred bucks.
Is it possible? The short answer is...
The long answer is...
it most definitely is.
And the amazing thing is, you can do it with the kind of photographs you have sitting at home on your hard drive right now doing nothing.
If you're an amateur photographer, the kind who just loves to takes photos as a hobby, you probably have hundreds upon hundreds of images sitting on your hard drive or backed up on to CD's, DVDs or whatever that you have deemed to be 'passable' but nothing special, and you'll never do anything with them.
But by being so judgemental you could be doing yourself out of money.
You see, every day across the globe there are thousands and thousands of people starting businesses, websites, blogs and logs and all of these people need images for their creations.
They're crying out for them! Think about it for a moment.
Pictures are everywhere are they not? I could make a monster list here of places where you will find images but what's the point? You know what I mean.
But what you probably don't know is that the vast majority of these images come from people just like you.
People with a half decent, properly exposed, properly composed photograph just begging to be used on a website or a brochure or in a magazine somewhere.
And every time one of these images is used, the photographer gets paid - often continuously for the same image.
If I've tickled your curious button just a little bit and you would like to know how you could make money from your photographs, take a look at my signature below for what to do next.

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