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Coin Collecting Wheat Penny: Know The Values Of The Wheat Pennies

Before indulging you in collection of the wheat penny coin it is a good idea to learn about the values of these pennies so that you know how much dealers would pay you for these coins should you think about selling them at a later date? To ensure that you get maximum price for your wheat pennies you need to only ensure that the wheat pennies are not damaged or allowed to wear out completely.

Appreciates in Value

The advantage of collecting the wheat penny coin is that these pennies will over time appreciate in value and you can expect to get at least thrice its original price, and if your passion for collecting the wheat penny coin leads you to buy certain kinds of wheat pennies that are known as key dates you can then expect to get hundred to even thousand times its original face value.

Typically, if you indulge in collecting the wheat penny coin and collect wheat pennies from the year 1909 you can expect those wheat penny coins to fetch you about a dollar and fifteen cents in today's market. On the other hand the 1909 VDB wheat penny coin (in which the letters VDB appear at the bottom of the wheat penny coin) will fetch you about nine dollars at today's prices.

A 1911 wheat penny is worth about fifteen dollars and fifty cents at today's rate and you should therefore hunt for these wheat pennies and add it to your coin collection of wheat pennies. If you are especially lucky and your coin collection of the wheat penny includes a 1914-D wheat penny coin, today the same coin would fetch you a whopping one hundred and twenty-five dollars.

And, the 1922 wheat penny is actually worth about four hundred and fifteen dollars. There are of course several factors that govern how much your wheat penny is worth including the condition of the wheat penny that can be rated as fair, good, very good, fine, very find as well as extremely fine. Also, the rarity of the wheat penny too plays an important role in governing its value.

High coin collecting penny values are a major reason why people hang on to their old and rare coins. In fact, the history of coins goes back so far back in time that there are sure to be many rare coins that if you can lay your hands on will fetch you a handsome profit if you then decide to sell them off. The diversity of coins is another important reason why people indulge in coin collection as more than just a hobby.

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