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PVC Garden Ideas

    Small Projects

    • An overview of garden ideas allows you to decide what items may suit your garden. Due to the in-depth details of some projects, you will need to do further reading of the various plans.
      Make a watering hose caddy with PVC pipe and wheels. This enables you to wheel your watering hose freely about the garden, as needed. It is a very simple design. Make several of the hose caddies to place in strategic spots throughout the garden. Visit PVC Workshop for detailed instructions on building this hose caddy (see Resources).
      In addition to the water hose caddy, the garden needs a cord caddy to keep tangles out of electrical cords. The cord caddy keeps the garden looking neat by keeping long electrical cords from snaking around the garden. Visit PVC Workshop for detailed plans (see Resources).

    Large Projects

    • Greenhouses are popular among gardeners. Build a PVC greenhouse to protect your prized plants. The simplicity of a PVC greenhouse enables the project to be completed in a weekend. Snap Clamps has plans for building a greenhouse (see Resources).
      Protect garden vegetables from birds by installing row covers. This enables the vegetable plants to grow without the risk of birds eating new growth. Row covers also protect plants from high winds, hail and light frosts. The row covers are lightweight enough to remove when needed. Visit PVC Plans (see Resources) for detailed plans.
      Cold frames are used to start vegetable plants in the winter. The frames enable the plants or seeds to begin growing while it is still cold. One or more cold frames allow you a jump on the growing season. Visit PVC Plans (see Resources) for plans on how to build a cold frame.

    Tools and Supplies

    • Tools that are necessary for PVC projects are not as numerous as woodworking, therefore, PVC projects are excellent choices if you don't have woodworking experience but enjoy making things. A measuring tape, hacksaw and PVC glue are the only basic tools required. PVC projects are not as hard on the pocketbook as traditional building projects.
      PVC pipe comes in white, brown, silver, gray and black, however, you can spray paint the pipe, if you wish. The pipe and related accessories can be purchased at local hardware and home improvement stores.
      There are many photos and free plans available online. The resources listed below have numerous projects listed.

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