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What Can Help Me Sleep?

There are a lot of nights when I ask myself what can help me sleep.
There are a lot of answers to this question, but many of them don't appeal to me.
Do I want to take pills? No.
Warm milk is not doing the trick.
I know all of the standard things.
My bedroom is quiet and dark.
My bed is perfectly comfortable.
Sometimes all of this isn't enough, especially when its 2am and I'm desperate.
The problem is that I can't get my mind to rest.
I am tired, but my mind races, and I become frustrated that I can't sleep.
I keep thinking about it, and it almost consumes me.
I stress about the fact that I can't sleep, which makes it harder to sleep! So what can help me sleep? Read on and find out.
The first thing that I figured out when I started asking myself what can help me sleep is, my mind is the problem.
Physically I'm plenty tired, even exhausted, but I can't put my mind to rest.
So how can I do that? The technique I use is related to a technique used in basic meditation.
It simply involves focusing on your breathing.
Concentrate on each breath and try to make every breath uniform.
Every time your mind wonders (and it will) you must bring it back to your breathing.
This is certainly what can help me sleep almost every night.
It gets easier with practice so don't give up! OK so the whole breathing thing isn't working for you? Still wondering, "what can help me sleep?".
There is another option, that does not involve pills.
I discovered something called binaural beats while surfing the web one late night.
I was skeptical, but desperate.
I did a little research and learned that there is some science behind these.
The beats (more like tones) are played through headphones and you hear two slightly different frequencies in each ear.
Your brain perceives the tones as one pulsing frequency.
The frequency that is perceived is at the level at which your brain waves should be when you are drowsy, or actually asleep.
Scientists have observed the brain waves moving towards the frequency being heard through the binaural beat.
When I'm desperate to get to sleep the methods above are what can help me sleep.
I find when I really can't force my brain to focus it might be necessary to use the binaural tones.
Being a safe alternative to pills I don't mind.
The next time you ask, "what can help me sleep?", give these techniques a shot.
Try to be persistent with either technique and you will have success.
Sleep Well!

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