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KFC Fried Chicken Recipe - Have You Found It?

Maybe the most famous secret recipe of all time? The KFC Fried Chicken Recipe is in a new super secret, high-tech vault to protect it.
The recipe that was hand written in pencil by Harland Sanders is now guarded around the clock.
The recipe was kept in an undisclosed location while the new security system was installed.
Only a few super select people know the exact recipe.
To ensure the secrecy, no company is allowed to mix all of the 11 herbs and spices.
Two companies mix part of the ingredients and a third company mixes the ingredients from the other two companies together.
This way no one but the select few at KFC can know the recipe.
Other companies like Coke and McDonald's go to these extensive lengths to protect their products.
If the recipe is so secret and the recipe so well protected, how can people say they have the "secret" recipe.
Well, they don't actually have the secret recipe, but they have figured out how to get it to taste as close a possible.
Chefs are well trained and can figure out most ingredients in food.
And after they have guessed the ingredients and how to make the item, they can experiment with their new secret recipe and get it right.
On a recent episode of Hell's Kitchen, chef Ramsey had the contestants try to figure out the ingredients in a dish he prepared.
Only one person was able to figure out all of the ingredients.
While it's difficult it is possible to figure out someone else's recipe.

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