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Steroid Medications & Depression in Dogs

    Steroid Medications

    • There are two types of steroids; anti-inflammatory and anabolic. Dog steroid medications use anti-inflammatory steroids. Canine illnesses these steroid medications treat include brain swelling and intestinal inflammation.

    Triggering Depression

    • A possible side effect of steroid medications is mood changes. Mood changes can trigger dog depression.


    • Symptoms of dog depression include a lack of appetite, no interest in playing with other dogs or humans, abnormal activity, increased shedding, and aggressiveness.


    • You should ask your veterinarian about alternatives to steroid medications if the drugs are causing dog depression. If there are no alternatives, anti-depressants (like Valium) can be used to treat the dog depression.

    Other Secondary Conditions

    • In addition to dog depression, steroid medications can cause secondary canine illnesses like Addison's disease and diabetes mellitus.

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