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How to Drain Air From an Oil Tank Line

    • 1). Turn off the switch controlling the oil pump if it is still running. Wipe dirt and debris off the bleeder valve that is generally located below the connection between the oil line and the oil pump.

    • 2). Slide an oil drain pan under the bleeder valve.

    • 3). Push the correct size wrench over the nut of the bleeder valve. Turn on the oil pump. Turn the wrench attached to the bleeder valve one-half turn counterclockwise to release air from the oil line coming from the oil tank. Leave the valve in the open position until a solid stream of oil flows from the end of the valve.

    • 4). Turn the wrench clockwise until the oil stops flowing from the end of the bleeder valve. Remove excess oil from the bleeder valve by wiping around the valve with a clean rag.

    • 5). Dispose of the removed oil per your local codes.

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