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How to Delete Your GMX Mail Account

A new address, from time to time, cannot hurt, can it? In with the newly created, then, and out with the stale name from yesteryear. Out with the old GMX Mail account, but how?

Fortunately, deleting a GMX Mail account is just as easy as setting up a new one — maybe easier even.

Delete Your GMX Mail Account

To delete a GMX Mail account including all emails saved online and your GMX Mail address book:
  • Click Settings in the top GMX Mail navigation bar.

  • Open the My Account tab.
  • Select the Account Details category.
  • Click Delete Your Account Now under Delete Account.
  • Click Delete Account.

Note that your GMX Mail address will be available for somebody else to pick up after 180 days (about half a year). Anybody signing up with your old user name can then send emails from your old GMX Mail address and receive messages sent to it.

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