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Get a Taste of Tamil Nadu

There is nothing quite like spirituality to give you that feeling of a cleansed soul. And where better to realise spirituality than Tamil Nadu, which boasts of world famous temples in places like Madurai and Tirupati? Very little needs to be said of Tirupati, as its world renown speaks for it! Millions flock to the Sri Venkateshwara temple every year, in order to indulge in the strange but charming show of respect to the Lord, by shaving their heads. Equally famous in Tirupati is the ladoo, which you should never forego! Spirituality takes on a new meaning, once you've been a of Tirupati tourism. But Tirupati isn't the only famed temple you should visit while you're undertaking Tamil Nadu tourism - you should also not miss out on a visit to the Madurai Meenakshi temple. You'll be in for quite the treat, if you happen to visit at the right time!

More than 4000 years old, the city of Madurai stands as a striking testimonial to the richness of Tamil Nadu's culture and heritage. The temple retains the architecture and charm which most would consider lost to antiquity. Somewhere between April and May, you can part-take in the Chithirai Festival, which celebrates the divine marriage of the Goddess Meenakshi and God Sundareshwar by re-enacting it. If you're taking going for Madurai tourism, then book your tickets and reservations well in advance for this period! If you're looking for cleansing of an altogether different sort, you could also just take a deep breath in the hill stations of Ooty and Kodaikanal. Both of these hill stations have lakes in which you can enjoy a leisurely boat ride. When you're part-taking in Ooty tourism though, don't forget to get a large parcel of homemade chocolates! You should also not miss out on natural beauties that you find in the Botanical and Rose Gardens, nor the man made ones in the Thread Garden.

No one who is on Kodaikanal tourism would consider it a complete tour, without viewing the Chettiar and Bryant Parks. Nor would you do to skip the Coaker's Walk - which might afford you a view of your shadow being thrown on a cloud, with a rainbow coloured halo surrounding your head! During nights, be sure to visit the Solar Physical Observatory and be enthralled by the stars and constellations! You will find no end to the natural delights that you can discover here! With such delights awaiting you in beautiful Tamil Nadu, how can you ever resist the temptation to visit?

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