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Ways to Keep Your Room Cool

    Open Windows at Night

    • If the weather is cooler at night, turn off your air conditioner in the evening and open your windows to let cooler air in your house. (Use screens to avoid insect problems). The cool air will ventilate your home without using energy. In the morning, close your windows and lower your blinds to trap heat outside and keep your room cool.

    Use a Ceiling Fan

    • Ceiling fans increase ventilation and create a windchill effect, helping you feel about 4 degrees cooler, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. Ceiling fans use less energy than air conditioning. Table and floor fans may also help you feel cooler. Fans don't actually cool a room, though, so don't leave them on when you aren't there. For best results, choose a ceiling fan that has an Energy Star rating.

    Use a Programmable Thermostat

    • Turning on the air conditioning is an obvious way to keep your room cool. However, a programmable thermostat can help you use your air conditioning smarter, keeping you cooler and reducing your energy bills. Program your thermostat so temperatures are cooler while you're at home and several degrees warmer while you're at work or school. If you open your windows at night, program your thermostat to turn off at night. In addition, keep sources of heat, such as lamps, away from your thermostat.

    Avoid Adding Heat

    • Showers, cooking and other activities add heat to your home. Limit the amount of heat added to your home by taking short, cool showers and venting humid bathroom air outside. Let your laundry and dishes air-dry instead of using the dryer or the dryer cycle on a dishwasher. In addition, replace incandescent lights with compact fluorescent lights, cook with the microwave or toaster oven when possible and turn off electronics, such as computers and stereos, when you're not using them.

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