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Career In Visual Merchandising

Creativity and innovation is the call of the developing world. The students all across the colleges of the world are made to enhance their creative and communication skills, so that they can frame a better career for themselves. The schools and colleges in India are also focussed on developing the innovative skills of the students. The practical approach towards the educational structure of the schools and colleges helps the students have a better view and understanding on their subjects. The college education is aimed to make a student capable enough to earn his living and earn a respectable status for himself in the country. One more discipline, which emphasises on the creativity factor of the students and make them specialised in the field of visual merchandising. .

There are many colleges in India, which provides its students with the educational basis and training, to develop a future in the field of visual merchandising. The course of Visual merchandising is meant for students who are extremely interested in knowing the art of selling the products in exhibitions, stores, through their skilful presentation. The different presentation abilities and styles are used to attract the customers and prospective clients. Visual merchandising students are made to learn the techniques of a true designer as well as an advertiser, who has the ability to make his audience inquisitive and makes him, reach the door step of the shop. In visual merchandising, the retail shop is decorated in a way, that the designing, decoration and the picturisation of the elements present in the shop, attracts its customers towards the shop. Its motive is to give the shop a different look and add more value and sales to the organisation.

The students aiming for a course in visual merchandising are required to be a pass out of senior secondary examination in any stream. The course of visual merchandising is available as certificate, diploma, graduate and post graduate courses. The students applying for post graduate courses needs to have a degree in fashion designing or should have visual merchandising as their subject in the graduation degree. Most of the fashion designing institutes in India provides courses in visual merchandising either as a separate course or a part of the fashion designing curriculum. The different colleges in India, providing course for visual merchandising are:

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Bangalore

J D Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Hyderabad

Wigan & Leigh College, Mumbai

Wigan & Leigh College, Hyderabad

National Institute of Fashion Technology, New Delhi

Mudra Institute of Communication, Ahmedabad

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Gandhinagar

Wigan & Leigh College, New Delhi

National Institute of Fashion Technology, Chennai

National Institute of Fashion Designing, Chandigarh

The ideas and innovative abilities of the student are the main assets, which helps him making his brand become the ruler of the retail market, with the use of visual merchandising. The areas, where a student is made to implement his ideas, while doing training or job in the field of visual merchandising are window displays, designing of the store, presentation and display of the retail outlet, colours to be chosen, layout of the retail outlet, etc. The scope for the students doing course in visual merchandising is very bright today and is going to see a great rise in the future prospect, because with time, consumers are giving more value to the outer look and presentation of the matter. The job of the visual factor is to attract the customer; rest is done by the quality and the USP of the product. Almost all the industries these days, are hiring visual merchandisers to give a different look to their retail store and add to their sales, which promises the growth of visual merchandising as a career field in the country and abroad.

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