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How to Iron Plastic Beads

    • 1). Place the pegboard on a flat work surface and add plastic Perler beads to create a pattern.

    • 2). Carefully move the pegboard to the ironing board without disturbing the beads.

    • 3). Turn on the iron. Choose the hottest available setting, usually the "Linen" setting is the hottest on a home iron.

    • 4). Top the beaded design with a sheet of ironing paper.

    • 5). Place the hot iron on top of the paper-covered design. Hold the iron in place for 10 seconds, then move it to a new location. Continue until all beads are melted. You will be able to tell that they are melted by looking at the paper. Remove the iron and wait for the plastic to cool, usually about two minutes.

    • 6). Remove the design from the board and turn it over. Top with the paper and iron again. Let the design cool, then remove the paper and use the finished design as desired.

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