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TOEFL Vocabulary Help

The TOEFL exam measures how well you understand the English language.
Frequently, the vocabulary words featured on the test can be confusing and are difficult to know.
Luckily, there are some steps you can take to best be prepared for the TOEFL.
First, you should know that you do not have to spend your time memorizing countless words from the dictionary.
There are more enjoyable and more effective ways of learning TOEFL vocabulary words.
I recommended subscribing to a free word-a-day email service.
Many online dictionary companies offer this service for free.
After you sign up, you will receive a difficult word and its definition in your email inbox every day.
This is an easy way to learn 365 words every year.
Second, read periodicals that are a little above your current reading level.
This helps you to learn how words are used in context.
Knowing the definition of a word is not enough to excel on the TOEFL, you need to learn how the word is commonly used in sentences.
By reading, you learn how to put a difficult vocabulary word in context.
Third and most important, find a fun way to study.
One of the hardest things about learning words for the TOEFL is staying motivated.
Many people stop trying after just a week.
That's why you need a fun and enjoyable method of studying vocab words.
Studying with a friend can also help you to increase your motivation.
The friendly competition that develops can help push you forward.

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