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How to Make Clothing Look Filled out on the Hanger

    • 1). Purchase the right hanger for the job. For suits and jackets, use a thick wooden hanger that has the same shape as your shoulders. Casual wear and lighter dress shirts should be placed on a plastic hanger that has some padding. This will keep the stress off the seams.

    • 2). Drape the article of clothing over the hanger in one smooth swoop. This will keep your shirt free of wrinkles.

    • 3). Fluff the article of clothing once it is on the hanger. If your shirt or blouse has ruffles, fluff them out so they do not lay flat. Smooth out any folded seams or wrinkles.

    • 4). Hang your pants by folding them once vertically, then placing them on the hanger. Let them rest naturally on the hanger. A wooden hanger meant for pants will not bend and will keep your pants from showing hanger marks.

    • 5). Space out the clothes on the rack so they do not press against each other. Not doing this will cause your wardrobe to lose shape and flatten out.

    • 6). Use hangers with clips or hooks to display layers of clothing together as an outfit. This will keep each article of clothing from shifting around or bunching up. Retail stores use this type of hanger on the display pieces.

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