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Ingenious Short Barbie Doll Pieces: Arrangement Tips

Rearranging Furniture? Try Some New Strategies
Have you ever found yourself confused as to the correct layout of your dollhouse furniture? Here are a couple of placement strategies that may be of benefit to you. Two simple layout strategies is first the triangle, and second is the square. In first simple strategy, the triangle, imagine a large triangle in the middle of the room and then take the three primary pieces of furniture and place them at the corners of that triangle. The second simple design layout is the square, very similar to the triangle except there are four pieces, and they again are placed on the corners of the square. The five pieces square is the same but one piece, usually the most prominent is placed in the middle. Though these are the most used you can have any types, shapes, and patterns that form a symmetrical or aesthetically pleasing layout.

Miniatures and Contrast: Beauty with an Edge

The definition of a contrast is two distinct or different items that draw attention to one another. Using contrast works well to move your eye to a certain location of the room, or in a predetermined pattern. Contrasting colors are identified on a simple color wheel: They are the colors that are opposite each other. And remember, one can put too much contrast in a room very easily. In order to prevent yourself from creating a mess, focus on setting up one contrasting element in the room and no more.

Dollhouse Exterior Design

The outside of the dollhouse has as much do to with the appeal, if not more, than the inside design. The Paint of the dollhouse along with the look of the shingles is the first thing that you notice with your exterior. Three coats of high quality paint, recommended for dollhouses, is the minimum for dollhouse display. The shingles should be died and applied carefully using a ruler to assure that the lines are straight. There are many other ways to enjoy an attractive exterior; most of them are through accessories like dog houses, or gazebos. You can even have some small flower pots to place in the window seals. Lighting is another addition that will really help the look of the outside features. Lights on exterior are commonly found on the porch, but you can place them pretty much wherever you would like to.

Making your Miniature House Better: Floor Trim

As you are building and tweaking your dollhouse you will discover some great time saving secrets. The last dollhouse that I was making I discovered a great addition that really made my interior stand out. I simply created a floor board to use for the trim around the floor of the dollhouse. The discovery is not entirely new, or my own, there are many places to get doll trim, but I found the cheapest is a very thin flat balsa wood. I applied this balsa wood to the floor of each of my walls to form a great outline along the bottom. I was most impressed to not see any more tiny cracks between the wall and the flooring due to the trim covering it up. It also prevented the wall paper to come unglued because I was covering the bottom edges with the trim. I realize that this little invention, though not my own, really made my flooring look flush and neat against the wall.

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