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Bloated Betta Fish - How to Cure Your Bloated Betta Fish

Listen up, fellow pet owner! If you have a bloated betta fish, should you be panicking? Is he terminally ill? Or is there a cure? Fortunately, if your betta is bloated, this is, in no way, a cause for immediate worry.
This problem can be easily resolved.
So, if you were planning on putting your betta out of its misery, then we've got a change in plans for you! It's not too late to cure your fish.
So what is this bloating, you might ask? Fortunately, this is problem is a lot more common among betta fish than you think.
The answer is simple: Your betta is bloated because you're not doing something right.
There is something that gone either amiss or awry in your fish's habitat or in your fish's diet routine.
So what can you do about it? Well, there are number of things that you can do.
But these steps will require some patience, persistence, and time.
It could take several days to several weeks for you to see some tangible results, although you may be able to see that the swelling up of your betta will be reduced ever so gradually each and every day, as long as you apply these principles and techniques.
And once you have cured your fish's bloating, do you know how to prevent it from occurring again? Basically, you will need to take a look at two fundamental aspects of your fish's lifestyle: 1.
       Your betta fish's habitat.
       Your betta fish's diet.

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