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How to Download Flash on an iPod

    • 1). Open the Safari browser on the iPod.

    • 2). Type "" in the URL bar. Wait for the page to fully load.

    • 3). Click "Register." Although not necessary, registering will allow you to view more than 20 seconds of Flash content at a time. To register, enter a username, password, your name and your e-mail address. Click "Submit."

    • 4). Wait for the confirmation email to be sent to your inbox. This can take up to 24 hours.

    • 5). Click "Activate" in the activation e-mail.

    • 6). Return to "" Click the "+" button that appears to bookmark the page, or use the Safari browser to bookmark the page.

    • 7). Open bookmarks in Safari. Find the recently added bookmark. There is a URL displayed below the bookmark name. Highlight all the text before the word "javascript" in the url. Delete this text, including "http://". If done correctly, the URL will start with the word "javascript."

    • 8). Test by going to Click on a video. A message will appear that says you do not have JavaScript enabled. Open the bookmarks once again in Safari and click on the bookmark you recently added. The video should play seamlessly.

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