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How to Upgrade an Eclipse Galileo Workspace in Ubuntu 9.10

    Automatically Upgrade Eclipse Galileo

    • 1). Click "Window" from the main menu, then "Preferences."

    • 2). Click "Install/Update" on the "Preferences" screen, then select "Available Software Sites" in the list that appears.

    • 3). Click "Add" and fill in the software repository address for the newest upgrade, which can be found on the Eclipse website. Click "OK" to close the "Preferences" window.

    • 4). Click "Help" and then "Check for Updates." Wait for Eclipse to access the update sites, and then click "Next" to install updates. Restart Eclipse when the upgrade is complete.

    Manually Upgrading Eclipse Galileo

    • 1). Download the latest version of the Eclipse IDE for Linux from the official Eclipse website. Extract the downloaded file to a new folder, separate from your previous Eclipse installation.

    • 2). Launch the new version of Eclipse. The "Workspace Launcher" dialog will appear.

    • 3). Click "Browse" and navigate to your previous workspace directory. This is usually "home\username\workspace," where "username" is the name you log in with. Click "OK" to upgrade your workspace to the newest version.

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