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Why Are Your Breasts So Small?

This title might sound funny, but this is probably one of the most dreaded sentence you can ever hear from a man.
If women were given a choice, most of them would not want to be born with a pair of small breasts.
There is no deny about this: men prefer women with bigger breasts.
Size is all the craze among men and BIG is the word.
The bigger, the better.
Men would also openly discuss this in front of the women.
What can the ladies do then? It seems like they have no choice but to seek breast enlargement programs.
Why does size matter so much to man? Firstly, it makes the guy excited.
Men are visual creatures and this kind of visual excitement can get them wild.
Secondly, it feels better and fuller to the touch.
Men like to hold and play around with the breasts during intercourse.
It provides a place for men to 'grip'.
This kind of pleasure can only be understood by men.
Lastly, it feels nicer to lick and suck.
Some men like to stimulate a woman's breasts to help her achieve orgasms.
A pair of bigger breasts provide 'more room' for arousal.
So if you are seeking to enlarge your breasts, make sure you do your own research.
Creams and gels have not been proven to be effective.
Silicone injections can be costly and they do not feel natural to the touch.
Surgeries should be your last consideration because it is very risky and costly.
The last and best method would be to use breast enlargement exercises.
They are natural and have been proven to work well.
They need some time and patience though.

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