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DIY Exhaust Wrap

    • 1). Dip the exhaust wrap in water, then squeeze the excess water out as if it were a towel or washcloth. You will perform this step continuously as you apply the wrap to ensure that the wrap stays damp throughout the application process.

    • 2). Apply the exhaust wrap by starting at the point where your exhaust header would meet the muffler section of the exhaust. Circle the exhaust wrap tightly two or three times around the pipe, then secure a zip-tie around that portion. The zip-tie will hold the starting point in place as you wrap the entire exhaust header.

    • 3). Wrap the exhaust wrap in overlapping layers. Each layer should cover half of the previous layer. When you reach the end of the exhaust header, cut the excess wrapping material away. Secure the end with a zip-tie.

    • 4). Dry the exhaust header in the sun.

    • 5). Apply an even coat of silicone spray to the entire exhaust header. The silicone spray will seal the wrap, and prevent oil and moisture from destroying it.

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