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Gift Tins: The Perfect Gift For Even The Most Complicated Friend

My friends, although lovely, can be the most difficult people to shop for. Whether I am deciding on the perfect gift for the holidays, a dinner party or just because, I tend to stick with giving the gift of food. The great thing about giving a gift tin is it can easily double as the perfect token for that special friend or as an elegant focal point for your next celebration.

The reason gift tins are ideal is because they come with an assortment of goodies. They can range anywhere from cookies to crackers to popcorn. All leaving your guest with the satisfaction of not having to choose just one snack but two! If your friend loves to plan dinner parties, they can also double as the perfect party snack idea.

Party Snack Ideas

One friend in particular is your ideal hostess. Any time she has guest she makes sure she has the proper accessories, ranging anywhere from colorful wine glasses to delicious treats. When deciding on her gift, I always try to center it on the idea that she loves to give to others.

I start by thinking of different party snack ideas and trying to choose the ones she will most likely use. I then sort through those ideas and create the perfect gift tin. She loves the gifts because it gives her something delicious to munch on, but also prepares her for any preplanned party or unexpected guest. For a final touch, I always add some cute accessories, such as, napkins, wine glasses or cheese platters.

Easy Party Food

Another reason gift tins make the perfect gift is because it provides easy party food for your upcoming dinner party. Take Christmas for example, while you prepare the perfect Christmas dinner, your family will be searching the house for mouthwatering treats. Giving someone a variety of snacks will allow them to relax and not stress about preparing appetizers before the main meal.

Premade Gift Tins

One of my favorite premade gift tins are John Wm. Macys CheeseSticks. CheeseSticks are the perfect gift because they combine twice baked sour dough bread with aged cheese. They are baked to a crispiness that leaves you feeling full, but not bloated. The great thing about this product is they also come in desert snacks. They are available in the flavors of Dutch Chocolate, Java Cinnamon and Madagascar Vanilla. Their gift tins are filled with a variety of assortments and even allow you to purchase one of each snack.

So, stop stressing about the perfect gift to give your friends and go with the convenient and delicious option of giving a gift tins. Your friends will love it and only you will know the secret of how this gift of the year was as simple as buying for your dog.

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