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How to Get a Video Off of YouTube Onto a PowerPoint

    • 1). Browse to the YouTube video you want to insert in your PowerPoint presentation. You can save the file to your computer in one of three ways: web based tools, browser extension or software. The web based tools like and let you enter the YouTube address --- known as a URL --- and download a video file. The browser extensions are additions to browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome which allow for saving videos from YouTube. For Firefox you can use the "VideoDownloader" extension or for Chrome the "YouTube Options" extension. Lastly, you can download software that will allow you to save and convert videos from YouTube. Choose a paid option like SnagIt or a free tool like FreeMake.

    • 2). Copy the URL of the YouTube video then paste it into the website or software to save the file. If you're using a browser extension, click the "Download" link from the YouTube page.

    • 3). Convert the file into a PowerPoint compatible video format. If your YouTube download choice gives you a file in the FLV format you'll need to convert it before PowerPoint can use the video. PowerPoint will read video files in the ASF, AVI, MPG, MPEG and WMV formats. Use a tool like FreeMake or SnagIt to convert the file once it's on your computer. Note that browser extension may allow you to download in a PowerPoint compatible format in the first place.

    • 4). Open PowerPoint and click on a slide where you want the YouTube video to play. Click on the "Insert" tab and then click the down-arrow under "Movie" and choose "Movie from File." Browse to the location of the file you downloaded and double-click on it. It will be inserted in the slide.

    • 5). Adjust the options for playing the video. Click on the "Movie Tools: Format" tab in the Ribbon. Here you can set the options for playback and preview the video.

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