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Maintaining a Healthy Weight - Stop Being Overweight

Individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of greater than or equal to thirty are considered obese while those with a BMI between 25 to 30 are considered overweight.
Obese and overweight individuals have increased their risk of developing high blood pressure.
Reducing weight of at least ten pounds can lower blood pressure and other risks of developing diseases associated with obesity.
Losing weight has shown a noticeable effect especially for those who already have hypertension.
Obese and overweight individuals also have increased risks for heart disease as they increase their chance for developing the most important risk factors for heart disease, high blood cholesterol and diabetes.
Maintaining a healthy weight is thus a significant consideration.
Eating fewer calories than you burn helps to maintain a healthy weight.
The calories you burn daily are dependent on factors such as your physical activities and your body size.
Lose weight slowly, about half pound to two pounds a week.
Eating five hundred less calories a day or burning five hundred more calories a day would be enough to lose one pound a week.
Regular and slow loss of weight presents the best chance of long term success of being healthy.
Dining out makes someone vulnerable to eat more.
The keyword here is control and to know the habits of eating healthy even when you're treating yourself to a meal out.
With these tips, you can still enjoy your food with a certain amount of control.
Look for margarine rather that butter.
Choose fat free or skimmed milk over whole milk or cream.
Trim visible fat from meat.
A salad dressing on the side would be better and ask if the restaurant uses less cooking oil.
Select foods such as steamed, garden fresh, broiled, baked, roasted, poached, and lightly sauteed or stir fried.
Try eating different ethnic cuisines that can make you feel good while making sure that the calories and fat have been reduced.
Some Chinese foods that have a good deal of low fat and low calorie choices include jum, kow, shu, and dishes without MSG added.
Some Italian foods that are low in fat and low in calories include red sauces, primavera, piccata, sun dried tomatoes, crushed tomatoes, lightly sauteed and grilled.
Some Mexican foods that have low fat and low calorie choices include spicy chicken, rice & black beans, salsa or picante and soft corn tortillas.
Maintaining a healthy weight also requires you to start an exercise program.
You don't have to go to the gym as long as you do exercise at home and get moving.
There are many ways to burn fats and these include walking, running, jogging, dancing, biking, or just doing your household chores.
Exercise will increase your metabolism which is a very important factor of having a healthy body.
Do these regularly and make it a habit.
When you start doing healthy habits regularly, these habits will become easier and will make you feel as if it's a part of your normal routine.

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