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Are You Having Dog Behavior Problems? Things That You Need to Know

If you have a new dog, or even an older dog, and are having a few behavior problems, you need to know that this is not an unusual thing.
You do not need to panic and start thinking that you have made a huge mistake, and that maybe you should get rid of Fido.
Whatever the problem is, you can train your dog to be an obedient and pleasant pet.
It is very common to have some dog behavior problems.
They can range from going to the bathroom all over the house, chewing up anything that they can get their mouth on, and they may even show aggressive tendencies.
That is a very small example of many different things that you can experience with a new pet, but again, all that they need is a little obedience training from you.
You can do this with a little time and a lot of patience.
There are several different methods used to train dogs with behavior issues.
Here are a few tips that may help you in getting started.
1) If your dog is going potty in the house, here are a few things to do: The first thing in the morning, you need to take your dog outside.
Have a designated area of the yard where you want them to go, and take them there.
Be patient, let them sniff around, and it should not be too long before they do their business.
About 10 minutes after they eat and drink, you need to take them out again, to the same area and let them go potty again.
If you are home during the day, keep an eye on them and take them out every now and then, to give them an opportunity to go potty, and get them accustomed to going outside to do this.
If you are not home during the day, you should take them out just before you leave, just in case they may want to go again.
You will be gone for a while.
Confine them to one room in the house.
You can use a baby gate to close them off from other areas.
As soon as you get back home, you need to let them out immediately, and take them to their potty area.
It should not take long for them to learn the routine.
Again, let them out after eating, and just before bedtime.
Be patient, they will catch on.
2) If your dog behavior problem happens to be chewing then here are a few tips: You definitely need to confine them to a designated area in the house.
Keep the area picked up, with only their chew toys lying around.
You need to have chew toys and some squeaky toys for them.
Dogs love toys that squeak when they chew on them.
You should not leave your shoes or anything lying around that will tempt them.
If they do start to mess with anything that is not one of their toys, you should scold them with a firm tone of voice.
They will recognize when you are pleased with them, or when you are scolding them for bad behavior.
Be patient, they are like children and have to be taught what is right and wrong.
3) Dog behavior training tips: Whatever dog behavior problem that you may be experiencing, you will want to get a training guide.
You can get a personal trainer if you prefer, and if you can afford one.
but this is your dog, and they need to obey your commands, not those of a stranger.
I know that there are many different situations, and a personal trainer may be the best solution for you.
Once you get a good training guide, you will want to choose which method of training that you would be comfortable with.
There are various methods of training.
A few common methods of training are reward training, praise and clicker training.
Regardless which method that you choose, stick with it.
Changing your method of training will just confuse your dog.
If you choose the reward method, using treats, be sure that you use small teats, because you do not want to give them too much.
If they get full with treats, they will not want to pay attention any longer.
Try and do your training about the same time each day that you train them.
Also, training them in an area that they are familiar with will make it easier for you and them

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