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Wine May Cut Decline in Thinking Skills

´╗┐Wine May Cut Decline in Thinking Skills Aug. 18, 2010 -- Drinking wine in moderate amounts may reduce the risk of decline in thinking skills in some people and may even protect against dementia, a new study shows.

Researchers in Norway studied the drinking habits of 5,033 men and women over a seven-year period, including some teetotalers.

And they report that wine drinkers scored better than teetotalers on a range of tests of cognitive function, or thinking skills.

Not drinking alcohol was linked in women, but not in men, with significantly lower scores on tests of reasoning and thinking ability.

And women who reported drinking wine at least four times over a two-week period were at reduced risk of scoring poorly on the tests, compared with women who had less than one drink during the period.

In addition, women who didn't drink any alcohol scored lowest on the tests. The average age of people in the study was 58, and none had suffered a stroke.

The researchers say that drinking wine, "but not beer and spirits, was positively associated with cognitive function in women, whereas both beer and wine consumption was associated with better cognitive test scores in men."

They also say that "light-to-moderate wine consumption in women and light-to-moderate wine and beer consumption in men were associated with better scores on cognitive tests, compared with those with a low intake of alcohol."

The study is published in the journal Acta Neurologica Scandinavica.

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