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What Does It Mean When Dogs Eat Grass?

Are you suspecting your dog behaving like a cow? You can always be sure by inspecting your dog after it goes to release the feces.
Occasionally, I had encountered seeing undigested grass, a blade or two, sticking onto my dog's anus after it has done so.
What does it mean when dogs eat grass? It can go both ways really, depending on your observation.
Dogs that eat grass do so to vomit out whatever unknown substance that is causing discomfort to the stomach, or because they eat hastily till their stomachs are bloated.
Easy for us humans if these are the cases, we could grab a packet of Eno or gulp down a can of 100 plus.
However, dogs have only access to what is in front of them-a spread of sweet smelling and healthy looking lawn.
Despite the current debate saying dogs are not smart enough to interpret grass as a remedy for their discomfort, still most dogs until now develop the habit of eating grass, therefore there is no doubt that they have the instinct to seek natural ingredient to halt pain.
On the other way around, dogs that vomit because they eat grass do not necessarily mean they are sick or having the discomforts.
They maybe just loving the taste of greens and cannot help grazing on them to satisfy their taste buds.
So the question that often troubles all dog owners is "Should dogs eat grass?".
Ultimately, it is not the grass your dog craves but merely the lacking substance of fibre in their body, therefore the occasional grass eating is all right and not the matter of high concern.
Do dogs need vegetables? Many researchers proved that dogs in the beginning of times, before human domestication, hunted down and consumed their prey whole which included any substance of fibre in the stomach of the kill.
Even though many generations of dogs has come to pass revolutionized from crudeness to "civilised" in the way they have a meal, the need for fibre has always exist.
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