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Video: How to Create a Birds Nest Bun

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Hi. I'm Jeremy Clark professional hairstylist and salon owner, and I'm going to show you how to create a birds nest bun. A birds nest bun is a hairstyle that's pulled to the top of the head and there's a large section that is worn slightly messy and literally in the shape of a birds nest. I think of celebrities like as Sarah Jessica Parker And J. Lo, they wear this hairdo a lot. And it looks really chic but also has a lot of attitude to it. The tools you'll need are some elastics, some bobby pins, a back combing comb a boar bristle brush, a pick comb and a brushable hairspray. I'm going to use the Garnier Fructis Flexible Control and Anti-humidity hairspray. I'm taking a small section in the back. I'm going to create a little ponytail right here and that's going to anchor the rest of our style and give us something to pin the rest of the hair to. And because I'm going to go a bit higher on Kristen's head with this style, I'm actually place this little ponytail, I'm going to over direct it slightly, get a little more height out of it. OK. So, continuing on, I'm going to take the rest of her hair in sections, and pull it up to that first ponytail. I'm going to take the section on the top, pin that in to the ponytail. I'm brushing the hair fairly flat to the top of her head. So, I'm going to finish connecting the top piece in, and then I'll follow that with the side pieces. Now, we've built our ponytail at the top of the crown, and my next step is I'm going to really back comb the ponytail quite a bit. I'm going to wrap it around itself, and build it up in to the shape of a birds nest. For this hairstyle to work, it's really best with long hair so that you have some hair to build up in to the height on top. So, it's good to have some length to your hair if you want to do this hairstyle, so that there's some hair left over to create height on top. Another trick that I've seen done on short hair is to pull the hair back in to a tight ponytail and then place a hairpiece right here. As far as the back combing, I'm lifting the hair straight up, I'm starting at the base and I'm just lightly teasing the hair. You just want to tease it, you don't want to really try to force it. I'm just going to tease the rest of the hair until it's all, has a lot of volume to it. And I'm going to back comb that hair together. So, I'm just going to finish out what's left. You can see all the height and the volume that we've been able to put in the hair with back combing. I'm going to spray it just a little bit to create some memory in the hair, to keep it, to keep our style. And next I'm going to take the hair and swirl it around and shape it in to a little bit more of a cylinder. The reason I'm using the pick is because once the hair's been back combed, the pick is a really great way to go back in and lock those back combing hairs together. So as I roll the shape around it's very easy to go in at certain parts of the style and just re-lock it in. Now, I'm actually going to be taming this down quite a bit. So, the reason I back combed it so much is the more back combing you have, the more control you have. And then you can go back in and tone it down a notch. And when the hair's been back combed like this I want to be careful to pull any of that back combing out. And it's almost like shaping cotton candy. So, I just want to go around the exterior of it. So, you can see I'm just lightly going over the top of the back combing. I'm pinning the hair at the base to make sure that it's really secure, because that'll support the style for the rest of the day. We want it to stay up. What I'm doing is brushing the hair on the outside over the hair that's been back combed so that we hide the, that kind of cobwebby looking interior. And I'm brushing it all in on direction because it reminds me of how a birds nest is in nature. As far as the height, it's purely up to your own personal whim and depending on what your even is that you're going to, how high you want to go. Now you can see the finished look on Kristen's hair. We've gotten all kinds of height and texture. it really does look almost like a birds nest. And I really love the way that it flatters her jawline. You follow this line up through to the top. That's how to create a birds nest bun. I'm Jeremy Clark. Thanks for watching.

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